About Napa Sonoma Insider and Writer David Pierson


You may be asking how am I qualified to be the Insider??  Well, aside from a total passion for food and wine, I’ve been a professional journalist for over 35 years. After I got out of j-school I loved writing about rock n’ roll. Hit 30 and grimly realized I couldn’t relate to 95% of the new music that was coming out. Does anything ever change? As my dad yelled at me, ‘You call that music?”

Switched to sports and entertainment writing. Did that till I hit 40 and got tired of the sheer lack of enthusiasm and cliched answers for every press flack trip or locker room interview. “We had to wait for the right script,” for their wretched sequel. Or, “We got to work harder. We’re letting down our fans and it’s not right.” Yes, you care so much about your fans…

Salvation came in the form of food and wine writing. Always loved restaurant dining. There’s something magical about putting yourself in a chef’s hands and seeing what they deliver. Same with service and atmosphere.  Often neglected, but often just as important as the food in the right context.

Passion for Food, Wine and the People that Bring It

But what I love most about food and wine writing is the passion that the purveyors of it bring to the table. No more rich rock stars, movie stars and athletes boo hooing about how tough their lives are. Barf. I love talking to chefs, bartenders, servers, sommeliers, winemakers, restaurateurs, winery owners, etc. They do it because they love it, not because they have to. Big difference!

Our Mission

The Insider’s mission foremost is to let people around the U.S. and the world  know what a great dining and wine scene there is here to explore. And while the main goal of the Insider is to promote Napa/Sonoma, it won’t be criticism free as any business should know when something isn’t working.

Get in Touch

Feel free to email for an advertising rate card or if you got something the Insider should know at: NapSonInsider@gmail.com


My Profile

Eats: Any great meat, fish or dessert…

Drinks: Good reds, whites, craft beers, dry cocktails and champagne

Speaks: Truth

Writes: Truth

Shoot me: If I ever write or say, “with just a hint of asparagus.”

Loves: Any excellent wine, party, hotel, music, restaurant or meal

Try to avoid: Fruit bombs, sugar bombs, any overcooked meat, fish or veg, humorless people