Carneros Resort & Spa

May 9th, 2021|0 Comments

A Top Down Drive to Napa... I always like an invite in my email. Not too cynical or busy to hit delete without opening. Now, [...]

David Glancy

April 8th, 2021|Comments Off on David Glancy

A Very Fine Virtual Tasting... It's taken me a bit  to get into virtual tastings. As Bob Seger sang, call me old-fashioned, call me over [...]

Master Sommelier Pours Virtually

March 14th, 2021|Comments Off on Master Sommelier Pours Virtually

No Wine Snobbery With This Gal ... I've often considered that sommeliers are unfairly painted with the snobbery brush. Oh sure, you can get the [...]

Lucy Restaurant & Bar

February 4th, 2021|Comments Off on Lucy Restaurant & Bar

Valentines can't buy her… I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day. Seems you just get over spending a lot on Christmas when you [...]


February 20th, 2021|Comments Off on Seared

A Native Son Who Knows His Grill… It's not often when you get to talk to a Napa or Sonoma native professional. It's not surprising [...]

J Vineyards & Winery

January 26th, 2021|Comments Off on J Vineyards & Winery

A Gal Who Loves Wine and Fun... The NSI quiz has always meant to be short, sweet, informative and fun. Why? Maybe it's me, but [...]

Vintners Resort

November 27th, 2020|Comments Off on Vintners Resort

20 Years and Counting... PERCY BRANDON Vintners Resort offers one of the more special places to stay and dine in Sonoma County. It has an [...]

Shelton Spreads the Zin Gospel

November 22nd, 2019|Comments Off on Shelton Spreads the Zin Gospel

Don’t Let Zin Steal Your Heart Away ... Many moons ago I attended my first San Diego Bay Food and Wine Classic and went to [...]

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