Rodney Strong Vineyards

Inside and Out... Have always been a big fan of Rodney Strong’s chardonnays. Know it’s not fashionable nowadays to love butter, oak and alcohol, but combined the right way, which Rodney Strong's chards inevitably are, I Iove having a few thru the summer and fall.  When the web gal and I were recently driving down [...]

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Mustards Grill’s Gracious Chef

And Napa’s Finest Diner... Cindy & David Words like legend and classic get a bit bandied about too much, but I always wanted to have a chat with Napa resident, 40-year legend chef Cindy Pawlcyn at her classic diner Mustards Grill right on the Hwy 29 across from Piazza Del Dotto Winery & Caves. But [...]

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Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar Delivers

Great Experience... David & Josh Seattle is justifiably known for being one of the great seafood restaurant towns in the world. While I’m much more of a carnivore than a pescatarian, I thought it’d be fun to shake things up and try John Howie’s Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar than his steak place for my [...]

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Another birthday

Life is Great!!!  Another birthday rolled around too soon, but like I said last year, whom am I kidding, I love life and it’s another year to celebrate being alive and healthy. Recently, I started playing and enjoying Michael Bublé’s Feeling Good to kick my day off now. A hot swinging little number, delivered perfectly [...]

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A Fantastic Tasting Experience 

Davis Estates Awaits...  Peter Huls One of the perks of writing and editing this site is I get to talk to and meet a whole bunch of hospitality professionals, chefs, wine makers, hotel people, sommeliers, etc. who are so enthused about what they do.  What I’m trying to say, I can’t imagine doing the NSI [...]

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I Got Out of

Duran Duran ... Remember when you were a teen in those glorious summer days where there was no school and like a cherry on the sundae, there were fantastic rock concerts and music festivals? While concert ticket prices have painfully gone through the roof, there is one benefit to being an old time, concert goer [...]

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Your Table Is

Ready! I’ve always loved reading memoirs. But as I’ve gotten older, my taste has gotten better. Have no time now for those ghost-written, celebrity rock, movie, TV or chef stars who flamed out all because it was somebody else’s fault that they did all those horrible movies, series, albums, restaurants, got married and divorced 5 [...]

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Taste Washington 2023

A Welcome Return ... I always blocked off time in mid-March to attend the Taste Washington event in Seattle. Why? More like why not? Fantastic Washington wines on offer in abundance, some good eats that paired great with the wines and a bunch of dinners and events besides the Grand Tasting that were a lot [...]

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