Aperture Cellars

Enthusiasm Pours Over the Glass ... Jesse Katz Enthusiasm. It’s such a magical word. One of the reasons I love writing about food and wine so much is its purveyors bring so much enthusiasm to the table. None more so than the proprietor and winemaker of Sonoma’s Aperture Cellars, Jesse Katz. Aperture Cellars will be [...]

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Montage Healdsburg

Help Beat Cancer ... Jaron Dubinsky The V Foundation is an organization that does great work in supporting all areas of cancer research and help. And since they were the benefactor of Epicurean Sonoma, it was easy to get behind its special events on the March 31-April 2nd weekend. Chef, Jaron Dubinsky of Montage Resort [...]

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The Matheson

Packed Every Night ... What would be a very nice problem for a new restaurant to have? To be packed every night! And that’s what Dustin Valette, the chef/owner of the Matheson in Healdsburg told the Insider has been happening since he recently opened his three-story eatery on Matheson Ave in Healdsburg. Dustin Valette “Hey, [...]

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