Your Table Is

Ready! I’ve always loved reading memoirs. But as I’ve gotten older, my taste has gotten better. Have no time now for those ghost-written, celebrity rock, movie, TV or chef stars who flamed out all because it was somebody else’s fault that they did all those horrible movies, series, albums, restaurants, got married and divorced 5 [...]

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Taste Washington 2023

A Welcome Return ... I always blocked off time in mid-March to attend the Taste Washington event in Seattle. Why? More like why not? Fantastic Washington wines on offer in abundance, some good eats that paired great with the wines and a bunch of dinners and events besides the Grand Tasting that were a lot [...]

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New York City Food and Wine Festival – 2022

Start Spreading the News.... Every year I get itchy feet, wanderlust syndrome. So when I got an invite to go to the Food Network New York City Food and Wine Festival, I couldn’t refuse. After picking up my press credentials at the Conrad Hotel, I walked down to Park Ave to dine at Anthony Bourdain’s [...]

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One of Seattle’s Best Charity Events 

Check Out Howie's VIP Tent... John Howie They say if you want something done right, hire a busy person. If the cliché is true, then the Auction of Washington Wine brain trust had the right idea when they got chef, restaurateur and serial entrepreneur, John Howie to head up their VIP tent for their upcoming Barrel [...]

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Washington Trade Event @ Chateau Ste Michelle

Hot, Hot, Hot... David Rosenthal Happy to accept an invite to a trade tasting put together by the Washington State Wine Commission which was hosted by Ste Michelle Winery at their chateau estate. Wandering around from booth to booth I was soon regretting that I hadn’t listened to the web gal's common sense/nagging to put [...]

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Chris Isaak & Lyle Lovett

A Wicked Game is Fun... Chris Isaak Can you ever have too much fun? No doubt some rock stars and fellow scribes who are pushing up daisies now, would agree that you definitely can.  But I dunno, this past weekend where I got to attend a very friendly, classy fun, food and wine reception at [...]

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Chop Steakhouse & Bar

Meat That Makes You Salivate… Brandon & David My mind flashed chophouse. Any restaurant that has got chop in its name, is enough to make me salivate. So when I came across a restaurant simply called Chop in Richmond, BC near its airport, I couldn’t help pulling into its parking lot. And was I ever [...]

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Executive Hotels & Resorts – Vancouver Airport

When You Fly Into Richmond... Harald & David When people fly into Vancouver, BC, they usually can’t wait to jump on the Skytrain and check out all those gorgeous views downtown on the waterfront. Or rent a car so they can drive up the Sea to Sky Hwy for those incredible views from Vancouver to [...]

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San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival 2021

Awesome Again... No doubt Covid was a real hard kick in the shins for the food and wine event industry. Most were cancelled outright in 2020 and if they tried to do anything in 2021 they were severely curtailed in terms of events and attendance. But as the cliché says, the strong survive, and I’m [...]

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