Robert Mondavi Winery (Harden)

Reaching for the Stars ... If you grew up in Lodi, CA and your father was a wine distributor, chances are you might take a look at the wine biz as a possible career.  But conversely if your height is 6’7” it stands to reason you might get some basketball offers as well. After winters [...]

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Gone Way Too Soon

Jonathan Was Pure Gold... If you’re a food and wine writer with an IQ over a 100, a dubious claim that no doubt most chefs and winemakers would agree with, considering the bounty of hacks with their gormless opinions that have exploded  over the internet. But let’s just suppose you’re a scribe with a three [...]

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Dinner Under the Stars

Chef Likes Different Combos... Since Robert Mondavi Winery has got an upcoming Winemaker’s dinner at their estate (Aug 25, sorry gang, it’s already sold-out however some seats are still available for chef Jeff Mosher's Autumn Fête dinner on Sept 22) the Insider thought it would be cool to get the man who has been with [...]

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