Best of both worlds...  It never fails. Everyone is enthused about going to a Japanese place and sharing some plates, but inevitably someone squawks, “I can’t eat raw fish.”  “You got it,” Napa’s Eiko’s GM Allison Hallum, laughs. “ It was the vision of my father and his biz partner Makurma to create a restaurant that combined Roy’s grilled food [...]

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Kenzo Napa

Authentic Japanese Dining and Decor ... The Insider loves Asian culture and food. Not so much the music. As Anthony Bourdain wrote, “Jeesuuss. Sounds like a cat being tortured. “ It was cool to sit down with  Kenzo Napa restaurant’s GM Tomonori Iwao before their dinner rush. Tomonori was a  modest and soft spoken gentleman from [...]

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