The Forge Pizza

Forge If You Are Hungry You’re coming into Napa on Hwy 29 and you’re starving.  You get to the Imola & Soscol intersection and the mall eateries look good. But go a block behind and check out Forge, a place known for fine wood oven cooked pizzas. There’s a bunch more items on their menu, [...]

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Three Stars

Check it out .... Took a doc outta the Napa Library the other day that left my head spinning. It’s called Three Stars. Highly recommend a view. Unlike that turgid doc Somm which studied four wine geeks trying to pass the master sommelier program, Three Stars bears repeated viewings because of its incredible contradictions of [...]

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Lexus Culinary Classic

Culinary Indulgence awaits ..... The Insider is off to Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, CA this Sunday, should be some kicks with excellent food and wines. Event runs from March 24-26.  The weekend culminates in spectacular fashion at the Lexus Grand Tasting, featuring 15 Lexus Hotel Partner chefs from around the country and vintners from [...]

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Taking On Anthony Bourdain... My Halloween evening with Anthony Bourdain...... The Insider went to Anthony Bourdain’s Vancouver Oct 29 lecture dressed as the Grim Reaper. I am a fan of his TV show No Reservations and his first two books, Kitchen Confidential and A Cook’s Tour. I loath his last book, Medium Raw. The Reaper [...]

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Oenotri Restaurant

Lauren Likes Her Music... To Oenotori we go where we speak with co-owner and general manager Lauren Rodde, wife of chef Tyler Rodde. Last night’s dinner? A slight pause.. Then a laugh.. A grilled chicken sandwich and I did it at home in an Asian style not Italian.. Favorite drink? A Hemingway Daiquiri... so refreshing [...]

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Cochon Volant BBQ

If You Love BBQ... To the Cochon Volant BBQ Smokehouse on Sonoma Hwy where we caught up with chef Gordon Larman who has been dazzling locals with his BBQ for many years... Favorite restaurant in Sonoma besides yours? The Girl and the Fig. Last night’s dinner? The Girl and the Fig’s calamari and potato combo [...]

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Ledson Winery

Let's Talk With An Aussie Winemaker To the LedsonWinery and Vineyards in Kenwood we go to talk to head winemaker Andrew Bilenkij, an Aussie native who has been collaborating with Steve Ledson the last five years in turning out a very nice range of tasty wines. Last night’s dinner? Mongolian lamb and Agadashi tofu. A [...]

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