Chateau Ste. Michelle Concert

Wine and Rock n' Roll... Does rock n’ roll and wine go together?  Let’s face it. Not really. While there’s a few rock stars who have bought wineries, the two pleasures don’t really mix. Rock n’ roll is jack and coke and beer. When I open a nice bottle of wine, I’m not tempted to [...]

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MGM Resorts International

No Ego in the Wine Biz ... Some times when the Insider is on the road, it’s fun to get an outsider sommelier to do the NSI Quiz to get their perspective on the industry. Recently while in Las Vegas for Uncork’d I got Jason Smith, a master sommelier, and the executive director of wine [...]

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Tulalip Resort Casino

Not A Celeb Chef in Sight ... Casino restaurants have gotten a bit of a bad rap for being overpriced and not that good and perhaps deservedly so. How many celebrity chefs have stuck their name on a restaurant in a casino, taken the check and run? Too many to count. But that sure isn’t [...]

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Chateau Ste Michelle

Choice Makes Tasting Fun... I love tasting rooms. Everything from the different architecture, the views of the estates, the convivial staff to the sipping and tasting. But if there’s one drawback, it’s the lack of diversity at most tasting rooms. It’s not the wineries fault, most only make a few varietals and one can’t expect them to showcase other [...]

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