Napa Truffle Festival

10 Years of Truffle and More... Had me some kicks at the recent 10th annual Truffle Festival in Napa. Great to run into my fav Napa chef, Del Dotto’s Josh Schwartz, who wasn’t in his customary chef whites, but was quarterbacking the truffle lunch courses along with Chef Juan José Cuevas and Chef Ken Frank [...]

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Chef Frank Draws Fab Talent

Try Not to Drool… It takes a lot for the Insider to lust after or drool for a dinner. Not that I’m jaded or anything. I can lust after a perfectly grilled hot dog as easily as a nice steak or seven course tasting menu. Saying all that, there’s one upcoming dinner that would knock [...]

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Yountville Live 2019

Fun to Reconnect... Some times when you go to a classy event like the recent Yountville Live it pays to arrive in style. And I arrived in style in my good friend Amadu’s limo. If you want the best limo rates and professional service in Napa, give him a call at 707-812-5819.  Once inside the [...]

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Vegas Uncork’d

Pop the Corks at Uncork'd... Uncork'd kicked off its 12th annual celebration of food, wine and booze with a sold out dinner at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon at the Venetian. Vegas native, and exec chef of Keller’s Ad Hoc in Napa, Matt Alba, was flown in to deliver the fried chicken goods and he didn’t disappoint.  [...]

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Bouchon Bistro

Loyalty pays off at Bouchon... Loyalty is a word often bandied about in service, wine and restaurant circles. But due to the transitionary and volatile nature of all three professions, the word loyalty is often a smirked upon joke, cutting both ways.  But if there’s an exception to the rule, it’s the Thomas Keller Group.  [...]

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Yountville Live Returns

Rain Didn't Dampen Yountville Live ... Had a soggy but fun time at Yountville Live’s 2018 edition. At the opening night reception under the main tent it poured as we lined up and kept raining for an hour or so while the crowd sampled the excellent cocktails and wines that were on offer for the guests. Gotta love [...]

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Charlie Palmer Steak Napa

 Charlie Palmer shows a new steak way ...  Charlie Palmer is cool. Any chef who has got wine fairies going up to snag a precious bottle of wine at Auerole in Vegas which I’ve experienced, has gotta be cool. Plus, his Pinot and Pig party in Healdsburg is always a blast. So when the Insider got an invite to attend the new [...]

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Best of both worlds...  It never fails. Everyone is enthused about going to a Japanese place and sharing some plates, but inevitably someone squawks, “I can’t eat raw fish.”  “You got it,” Napa’s Eiko’s GM Allison Hallum, laughs. “ It was the vision of my father and his biz partner Makurma to create a restaurant that combined Roy’s grilled food [...]

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Kenzo Napa

Authentic Japanese Dining and Decor ... The Insider loves Asian culture and food. Not so much the music. As Anthony Bourdain wrote, “Jeesuuss. Sounds like a cat being tortured. “ It was cool to sit down with  Kenzo Napa restaurant’s GM Tomonori Iwao before their dinner rush. Tomonori was a  modest and soft spoken gentleman from [...]

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