A Fantastic Tasting Experience 

Davis Estates Awaits...  Peter Huls One of the perks of writing and editing this site is I get to talk to and meet a whole bunch of hospitality professionals, chefs, wine makers, hotel people, sommeliers, etc. who are so enthused about what they do.  What I’m trying to say, I can’t imagine doing the NSI [...]

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Folio Fine Wine Partners & Brasswood Combine

For a Tasty Experience... Tom I’m always up for a good tasting. But if you combine it with good food then I’m definitely there. So when I got an invite from Tom Markakis, the hospitality manager, of the Folio Fine Wine Partners, I was excited with the “Heritage Tasting” which explores the current release wines [...]

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San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival 2021

Awesome Again... No doubt Covid was a real hard kick in the shins for the food and wine event industry. Most were cancelled outright in 2020 and if they tried to do anything in 2021 they were severely curtailed in terms of events and attendance. But as the cliché says, the strong survive, and I’m [...]

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San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

A Fav Event is Coming… One of my fav food and wine events is coming up: 17th San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival: November 11-14. After missing a year due to Covid, it's back and obviously scaled back. A few of this year's highlights include The Grand Decant wine tasting event on November 12, [...]

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It's National Rosé Day!!! It seems that there's a National Something day every day of the year. But since it's National Rosé day on June 12th, I thought it would be an excellent time to run a post on one of Napa's best Rosé makers: Jillian Johnson DeLeon. Jillian Johnson DeLeon But first a confession. [...]

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David Glancy

A Very Fine Virtual Tasting... It's taken me a bit  to get into virtual tastings. As Bob Seger sang, call me old-fashioned, call me over the hill... I love face to face talking with the sommelier, tasting room pourer, waiter or event gal. But when I got a virtual tasting invite for Inglenook's Historic Napa [...]

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Master Sommelier Pours Virtually

No Wine Snobbery With This Gal ... I've often considered that sommeliers are unfairly painted with the snobbery brush. Oh sure, you can get the odd, pompous twit. But in my experience it's really a thing of the past. Maybe I've been treated well because I'm media, combined with my oh so charming wit and [...]

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Dinners, Burgers, Tastings .... SOBEWFF Well the 19th annual SOBEWFF  festival recently wrapped up and what a blast it was. The festival just keeps getting better and better. Festival kicked off with a nice media reception cocktail party where I got to say hello to Lee Schrager the man who dreamed up the festival many [...]

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