Who Doesn’t Like a Picnic…

Kevin Murray

One of my favorite food and wine events is just around the corner, the Taste Washington Picnic is happening at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA on Friday, Aug 11 and I’m so looking forward to sip and sup at the event. One of the chefs that will be serving up some tasty treats at the picnic is Kevin Murray of Ray’s Boat House in Seattle. Starting as a pastry chef and now the Exec Chef, Murray loves his job and his enthusiasm came thru in doing the NSI quiz. 

What was last night’s dinner? A turkey and ham sandwich when I got home. 

What’s your favorite music? The Grateful Dead, their freewheeling music moves me. 

What’s your favorite drink? A Negroni, nice combination of sweet and bitter. 

What’s your favorite thing about living and working in Seattle? People of all walks of life come here and can make a living and I love the cultural diversity this city offers. Plus, I like the weather, 3 months of sunshine and 9 months of rain, what’s not to like he said with a laugh.  

Any brush with celebrity? I saw the back of Brad Pitt’s head when he dined here. 

What’s your favorite place to dine in Seattle beside Ray’s?  I really like this small, intimate restaurant called Café Juanita in Kirkland. The chef there, Holly Smith, does a great job serving authentic northern Italian cuisine and wine.  

What makes a great restaurant? Being a chef, I lean towards the food, but if you don’t have good service and atmosphere, people won’t like the food as much. I love it when it all comes together. 

Final thoughts? Just like to say how much I’m looking forward to cooking at the Taste Washington Picnic (August 11), it’s such a great event and people. Tell everyone to buy a ticket.