Enchantment …

The Insider has always been a little ambivalent about traveling to see the world’s natural wonders and nature itself. It’s not that I’m immune or can’t appreciate the glories of a sunset, sunrise, forest, mountain, beach etc.   

Any time I’ve ventured north to Vancouver in the early spring for Vancouver’s excellent wine fest, I’ve always made an effort to do that awesome drive north to Whistler — a hour and a half drive, with stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean on the left and snow-capped mountains on the right.  Plus, Whistler has got some fantastic restaurants to reward your journey as well.  A helicopter trip at the Grand Canyon is seared into my memory bank as well.  

But for the most part, when I’ve been in nature, I’ve been tempted to say as Peggy Lee sang, is that all there is? I get more excited seeing a nice flight of wines or a beautiful restaurant with excellent food and service. Each to his own.  

Saying all that, one of my bucket list things to do was seeing the Redwood National Park. Especially since I was so close, just get off the I-5 and hop over to the 101. Eureka is smack dab in the middle of the forests and while not the greatest town, there is a terrific brew pub called The Lost Coast, with good brews and pub food.  

And as far as the Redwood National Park itself and the drive down the 101, all I can say is, DO IT! 

Really cool to get off the 101 and drive through the parks, taking in incredible trees and paths. Plus, the coast doesn’t disappoint either. As you drive south, take in the ocean on the right and forest on the left. Instead of me banging on about it, hope you enjoy the pics which shows a bit of what awaits if you make the effort. And that saintly light pouring down on me is the love I feel from Napa and Sonoma!!! Enjoy!!!