A Welcome Return …

I always blocked off time in mid-March to attend the Taste Washington event in Seattle. Why? More like why not? Fantastic Washington wines on offer in abundance, some good eats that paired great with the wines and a bunch of dinners and events besides the Grand Tasting that were a lot of fun to attend as well. 

One of the best times I ever had was at Aqua Restaurant’s Red and White party where I had some terrific prawns and had a ball talking with a wine guy who sounded like he had a great cellar but wasn’t a snob about it, lamenting only that his wife opened the good stuff when entertaining her girlfriends. She doesn’t know what she’s drinking, so I asked her to open the upstairs wine, save the good stuff for people who appreciate it. We had some laughs about that and cracked up more when discussing the black humor that was running thru a bunch of scenes in two of our favorite TV series, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.  

Lake Chelan Wine Valley

After that great tasting time, to put it mildly, it was a bummer and a half when Covid shut down Taste Washington in 2019. But I’m more than pleased to say it came roaring back like a lion for 2023. Over 7,000 people hit the events and Grand Tasting at Lumen Stadium where the Seahawks play, to sip and dine with over 224 wineries and 42 eateries.

Our hotel at the Eastgate Silver Cloud in Bellevue used to have a fine eggs benny at its restaurant but Covid killed that too, so the web gal and I were starving when we rolled into the VIP area and chowed down on Mad Max’s sliders and excellent soft chewy chocolate chip cookies. 

Once a little sated, we split up, the web gal to take pics and sample some sweet stuff that I try to avoid, while I tried to sample as many strong, tannic, red wines she tries to avoid. Sipped a whole bunch of nice Washington State wines, but my fav was easily the 14 Hands Winery’s 2017 Reserve Syrah.  Enuff time in the barrel to smooth out some of the tannins, but still, tons of full flavor and an exquisite, long finish that would give Secretariat a run for her money.  

Chateau Ste. Michelle

Web gal sated her sweet tooth with 14 Hands Unicorn Rosé Bubbles which she could have relaxed with throughout the day. Many inviting treats were calling but she liked Fidalgo Fudge and Bluebird Ice Cream the best during her exploration.

Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar

We bumped into each other on the floor and I insisted she try the brisket from Tacoma’s Dowd’s BBQ which she had no problem hoovering up too. Martin Dowd says he also does pop-ups in Woodinville, which I’ll be happy to order when Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery hosts its concert series this summer.

Live Art

After refreshing at our hotel, we went to John Howie Steak for happy hour in their lounge and were sated with their customary excellent margaritas and burgers.

Max’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Next morning, checked out of the Cloud with no bum’s rush due to the hour lost towards daylight savings time. Lots of fun and see you next March Seattle!!! 

Airscream Karaoke
Eastgate Silver Cloud
Chateau Ste. Michelle
Walla Walla Vintners
Dowds BBQ
Fidalgo Fudge