Did You Say Tennis at the Silverado…

To the Day for the Queen Tennis Tournament at the Silverado Resort and Spa where I get to quiz their Director of Tennis, Katie Dellich, between sets of their round robin tournament where I was the lone guy amongst many women.  I hadn’t played in a long while and served horribly!!   Haha!!  But I  managed to make some good put-outs at the net and hopefully I didn’t offend any of my partners…

What was last night’s dinner?
I went with some tennis buddies who were from out of town to Basalt at 3rd and Main. I had the Farm Lettuce Salad.

Favorite drink?
A sparkling water …  I love sparkling water !!!

I guess you’re not much a party gal…
An appreciative laugh… No, I’m not. But I don’t care if someone else is. Silverado is ranked as one of the top 50 tennis resorts in the world. So it’s pretty cool, in that we get to host competitive, instructional and social tournaments year round. If you love to play tennis or just want to learn, we got you covered.

Favorite music?
I love everything, except country… delivered with a laugh…

Favorite thing about living in Napa?
I’ve been here 5 years and I can say the best thing about Napa is the people. Just such a great community feel. And after living out of a tennis bag for years, I got it right away.

What makes a great tennis resort?
You have to cover all the bases. We got competitive, round robin, beginner, you have to cover every guest’s need, even a cat! Katie laughed, as Wilson, the tabby, who had stuck to the perimeter hunting for prey, had given up and had come for a pet.

For future tennis events  at the Silverado :   https://www.silveradoresort.com/tennis/tournaments-camps-and-events/