A Very Fine Virtual Tasting…

It’s taken me a bit  to get into virtual tastings. As Bob Seger sang, call me old-fashioned, call me over the hill… I love face to face talking with the sommelier, tasting room pourer, waiter or event gal. But when I got a virtual tasting invite for Inglenook’s Historic Napa Wines & Riedel’s Veritas Glassware – A Limited Virtual Tasting on April l6 in my email, I called David Glancy, one of only twelve people in the world to hold the revered Master Sommelier diploma and a Certified Wine Educator credential. David is head of the SF Wine School who is producing the virtual event along with Inglenook and Riedel glassware.

David Glancy

Looking at the four wine pours, I was curious about the first wine, a Blancaneaux 2018 ($65) which Glancy informed me was a tip of the hat to a first class Rhone blend.. Fair enuff, the other three will be Inglenook’s Syrah RC Reserve 2014 ($70) Cabernet Sauvigon 2016 ($100) Rubicon 2016 ($210) Along with Glancy will be Rubicon’s Director Cher Engelstad, associate winemaker Chris Phelps and one of Riedel’s glass educators Susan Dubrow. A virtual tasting of the highest order if you can afford it. And talking with Glancy made for a fun, charming conversation about wine, food and life with two David’s. Cheers and enjoy…

What was last night’s dinner? I made a Thai type curry with a coconut milk and fish paste that my daughter loved.

Favorite music? I love old time soul, like the Isley Brothers and Al Green.

Favorite drink? Do I have to say wine? Coffee and wine are my two biggies, with a lot of water to stay hydrated. And a Gin Gimlet made with Boodles Gin is my favorite cocktail.

Favorite place to dine out in San Francisco?  It’s been tough in the pandemic but I love dining on the rooftop of the British Bankers Club. It’s a great atmosphere and menu, with a damn good burger and nice wines on tap.

Favorite thing about living and working in San Francisco? I love being within walking distance of Golden Gate Park and having 80,000 acres to hike and explore in the Santa Cruz mountains is fantastic as well.

What makes a great wine?  For me, the number one thing is balance. And after that, its personality has got to reflect its terroir. 

Any brush with celebrity? A casual brush with Mariah Carey and Yo Yo Ma.. but my fav was having my pic taken with Muhammad Ali fake boxing with me in a restaurant I ran in Macau, China.

Any wine, restaurant or trip on your bucket list? I’d love to go to the Okanagan Valley in BC some day, as well as the San Juan Islands. And one trip that I’m really looking forward to is leading our 2022 wine tour cruise of the Greek Islands. 

Final thoughts? It’s been a challenging year to say the least. But you got to be always moving forward. We’ve opened up a whole new audience through technology and we’ll definitely be following through with that in the coming years.I