For a Tasty Experience…


I’m always up for a good tasting. But if you combine it with good food then I’m definitely there. So when I got an invite from Tom Markakis, the hospitality manager, of the Folio Fine Wine Partners, I was excited with the “Heritage Tasting” which explores the current release wines from Emblem, Animo and M by Michael Mondavi, ($75 per person). The foodie in me salivated with the “Bella Vita Tasting”, because the wine tasting included a sumptuous four-course pairing menu prepared by the Brasswood Culinary team ($135 per person).


Since Tom appeared to be an excellent, knowledgeable host, I figured he’d be a fine fellow to do the NSI quiz. And he was, with much laughter and jokes flowing between us. Cheers and enjoy!

What was last night’s dinner? A cous cous with Moroccan vegetables. My wife Velvet and I split the cooking and it was delicious.

Piper Sonoma

What’s your favorite music? Rock and roll, with a lean towards hard rock. Tool is my favorite group.

What’s your favorite drink? A Manhattan. I find it a well-balanced cocktail that goes well with food.

What’s your favorite place to dine in Napa? Maybe it’s little self-serving, but I really do enjoy the atmosphere, food and service at the Brasswood Bar & Kitchen. And it’s not just me, our clients seem to really enjoy their tasting there as well.


What makes a great wine tasting? You have to cater the client’s taste. Find out what wines and food they like and tailor it to that and you should have no problems.

Favorite thing about living and working in Napa? The three things that everyone raves about: the wine, the people and the scenery.


Any brush with celebrity? A slight chuckle.. Not for a long while… Breaking out into laughter… I gave a tasting for a Giants ball player but don’t ask me who it was.

Any trip, wine or meal on your bucket list? I’d like to go to Italy. Specifically, Sardinia for their Grenache type wines.

Final thoughts? What can I say? Enjoy life by enjoying good wine.

Piper Sonoma