A Man and A Vision …

One of the best food and wine festivals, the 19th annual SOBEWFF and Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars 50th Anniversary Dinner is just around the corner, Feb 19th-23rd, so it was fun to catch up with the man who dreamed up the festival, Lee Schrager, nearly two decades ago. “You’re right. We were just winging it when we started. But it’s been incredibly gratifying the way it’s grown and with the support we’ve gotten from the South Beach community and the Food Network.” Since Schrager knows his way around South Beach, thought it’d be fun to get him to do the NSI quiz. Cheers.

Lee Schrager

What was last night’s dinner? Rao’s had a pop up dinner that was just fantastic, meatballs, chicken parmesan, shrimp scampi, it hit all the right notes.

Favorite drink? A gin and tonic for a cocktail, and for wine, I like big, bold Italian reds.

Favorite dining spot in Miami? I like an Italian place in my neighborhood of Coconut Grove called Nuve, great homemade pastas and food.

Favorite music? I like smooth jazz with Diana Krall being a favorite.

Favorite thing about living and working in Miami? The weather. It can get a little steamy in the summer which is when I usually take a break, but other than that, it’s just perfect.

Any brush with celebrity? Well, we’ve been very lucky in working with the Food Network and their talent. It changes every year, don’t have a favorite, but they’ve all been terrific.


What makes a great event? A combination of things: the food, the wine, the talent and the music. But combine them all in a fun way and you should be having a fun time at a great event.

Any wine, meal or place to visit on your bucket list? If you can’t tell from my previous answers, love to do a tour up the Italian coast.

Final thoughts? Just feel great about this year’s festival. Let people know to come out and have a great time. There’s something for everyone.

Stag’s Leap 50th Anniversary Dinner