Love A Good Beer??

To Santa Rosa we go where Aleworks on Third St. knocks my socks off with some excellent brewed on premises craft beers along with some very good pub grub. The Insider sat down with Michaela Hinkson who has been with Aleworks for 21 years, 15 years as GM… I guess you like it here, an appreciative laugh and nod, “You bet I do. The owner treats his staff great and I love our customers right back.”

Last night’s dinner? A pause and a laugh… I missed dinner last night… last night was so busy, I didn’t have time… but that’s ok… it happens sometimes…

Favorite Sonoma dining spot besides Aleworks? Shogun Japanese Restaurant. Great Japanese, been going for 29 years and does terrific sushi.

Favorite music? What we play here, 60’s and 70’s rock.

Favorite drink? A Keoke Coffee. (Insider’s warning, do not drink one of these before bed, good chance you might be up all night!!)

Any brush with celebrity? Emilio Estevez came in once and ordered a ton of beer and seemed to have a great time.

What makes a great brew pub? Obviously an excellent, varied selection of well-crafted beers, some good food and service, which I know Aleworks does, and hey, you got a winning formula.

Final thoughts? Just would like to let our regulars know how much we appreciate them. We really do have a dedicated clientele and we appreciate it.