Wine Man, Family Man…

You want some kicks?? How about a walk thru of a 100-plusyear old winery, 10 minutes from downtown Healdsburg? We’re talking Limerick Lane Wines. If you love Zinfandel wines like the Insider does, then you owe it to yourself to go down to Limerick Lane Wines and may be lucky enough to partake in some very nice Zin with owner Jake Bilbro.

What was last night’s dinner?  Fish Tacos.

Favorite drink?  Alcoholic:  Rose, Non-Alcoholic: Coffee, Non-Alcoholic/Non-Caffeinated:  Water

Favorite dining spot in Sonoma and why?   Diavola – world class food and we feel comfortable bringing our kids there.

Favorite music?  Impossible to say definitively but I’ve been listening to Donavon Frankenreiter a lot lately.

Favorite thing about living in and working in Sonoma?  The weather, the people, the culture.

Any brush with celebrity?   Quite a few.  Charlize Theron, Seth MacFarlane, Emeril Lagasse, Brad Pitt, Jonathan Cain of Journey to name a few…

What makes a great winery?  The quality of the wine and the quality of the people who work there.  Both are intrinsically necessary.

 Final thoughts?   You didn’t ask me about my family!  They’re my everything.  I have the most amazing wife in the world and 4 great kids – three boys and my little baby girl.   Life is good.