Something to Celebrate…

Looking for rare, new, small production and coveted wines?  Acme Fine Wines located in Saint Helena has been hooking up and connecting fine wine lovers and wineries through their memberships and shop to tantalize your senses for great experiences.

Acme Fine Wines’s proprietor, Karen Williams, began her passion in a tasting room while finishing studies at the University of Georgia.  Karen’s passion led her down the path of learning and discovery through wine books and classes, held the position of cellar rat with a boutique winery and completely immersed herself in the production side of wine for 2 years.  To continue her journey Karen was instrumental in transforming a new wine bar to delight locals and visitors alike.   Next stop, a shop of her own to share her passion – Acme Fine Wines was conceived to enrich palates through memberships to discover and launch the finest inaugural release of Napa Valley brands while keeping a secondary focus on the lauded wines of the world.

Acme Fine Wines is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.   Next time you are in Saint Helena come discover the hidden gems to enrich your palate.  The Insider thought it would be fun to ask Karen to do the NSI quiz. Enjoy. Cheers.

What was last night’s dinner? Some very good friends’ homemade chili and ALL the fixins, including Fritos : – )

Favorite drink? Outside of great wine? A Beluga Martini (with two olives)

Favorite dining spot in Napa? My memory will never forget Go Fish as my favorite, but now it is the convivial Press Restaurant.

Favorite music? Everything sung by the late Chris Cornell, turned up really loud.

Favorite thing about living and working in Napa? The community. Not only do we live in an awe-inspiring, beautiful place, but our bustling industry is full of rewarding moments, hard-working people who care about their craft and with whom I enjoy entertaining on the regular. What is not to love?

Any brush with celebrity? Yes, but our lips are sealed.

What makes a great winery? A combination of things: great fruit, passion, meticulousness…and unpretentiousness.

Any wine, meal or place to visit on your bucket list? I am really looking forward to an inaugural trip to San Sebastian, to indulge in the culture and all the delicacies.