Best of both worlds… 

It never fails. Everyone is enthused about going to a Japanese place and sharing some plates, but inevitably someone squawks, “I can’t eat raw fish.” 

“You got it,” Napa’s Eiko’s GM Allison Hallum, laughs. “ It was the vision of my father and his biz partner Makurma to create a restaurant that combined Roy’s grilled food and Nobu’s sushi. “ 

And they definitely succeeded. Eiko’s has got a terrific menu that combines awesome sushi with some really nice grilled dishes.  The Insider loved the sushi that came topped with tomatoes from Allison’s garden and some crispy ribs and calamari. If you can’t do sashimi or sushi, Eiko’s has got you covered with lots of different, tasty offerings that aren’t found on too many Japanese menus.  

The Insider had a fun, laugh-filled Insider quiz with Allison, just before Eiko’s raucous, packed happy hour. Hey, Raider nation members have got that special bond and we both agreed no matter how bad things get, ya gotta stick with your team. 

Last night’s dinner? Here. I had a staff member cancel at the last minute so I had to fill in. But I’m not complaining. Fresh salmon, tuna and shishito peppers. Yum. 

Favorite drink? I love white wine. Lean to the dry Rieslings but a nice Albarino kicks it for me as well. 

Favorite music? Country or 90’s pop. (Side note,  Eiko’s Happy Hour music was eclectic and fun). 

Favorite Napa spot to dine out beside Eiko’s?  Il Posto. I love their Olive Fritte with Italian sausage. 

Any brush with celebrity? We get a lot of Raider players when they hold their training camp here.  

Favorite thing about living and working in Napa? Sense of community. I’ve lived here most of my life and love that I know the mail man or chief of police knows my name and I know theirs. 

What makes a great restaurant? Listen to your customers. You won’t last long if you don’t keep your customers happy.  But if you got a menu that connects with them, you’re more than half way there. 

Final thoughts for the future?  I’d like to have more kids and keep living and working here in paradise.