Napa Staycation

Twice is Not Enough... It’s always fun to renew tasting experiences you’ve enjoyed before. So it was a kick to drive down the 29 recently and have a Merlot tasting at Duckhorn Winery and a whole bunch of different wines at Castello di Amorosa. After turning off on to Lodi Lane we wound up the [...]

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Yountville Live 2019

Fun to Reconnect... Some times when you go to a classy event like the recent Yountville Live it pays to arrive in style. And I arrived in style in my good friend Amadu’s limo. If you want the best limo rates and professional service in Napa, give him a call at 707-812-5819.  Once inside the [...]

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Charleston Wine & Food Festival

Southern Sophistication ... I’ve always loved authentic southern cooking and cuisine. Give me a choice between some foo foo foam concoction and a perfectly grilled bbq rib, I’ll take the rib every time. That’s why it was such a kick for me after the SOBEWFF festival in Miami to take the train north and attend [...]

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Duckhorn & Charleston

We are Drinking Some Merlot.... In 2014, after more than a decade of mastering the Duckhorn Vineyards style, Renee Ary was named the fourth winemaker in the four-decade history of Duckhorn Vineyards. In the years that have followed, Renee has been recognized for making some of the finest wines in the history of Duckhorn Vineyards. With that [...]

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Antinori Family Wine Estate

Antica at SOBEWFF's Best of the Best... One of the most prestigious wine and food events is the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale from Wed Feb 20 to Sun Feb 24th. As much as I love burgers, a traditional contest at the Festival, I need to be tasting wines [...]

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Mondavi & Charleston

One of the Best Fest.... One of the best food and wine events is happening in Charleston, SC., March 6-10, Charleston Wine + Food, and Napa's own Robert Mondavi Jr. of Michael Mondavi Family Estate is going to be featured in three events: “The Bottles” Tent Tasting on March 8. Next a decadent, multi-course wine [...]

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Acme Fine Wines

Something to Celebrate... Looking for rare, new, small production and coveted wines?  Acme Fine Wines located in Saint Helena has been hooking up and connecting fine wine lovers and wineries through their memberships and shop to tantalize your senses for great experiences. Acme Fine Wines's proprietor, Karen Williams, began her passion in a tasting room [...]

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Mondavi, Cochon & BBQ

Good Weekend in Napa... There are some weekends in Napa where you don’t want to be anywhere else in the world. A recent one had a bunch of kicks with a Robert Mondavi dinner being the definite highlight. Mondavi’s chef Jeff Mosher provided excellent courses that matched perfectly with Mondavi’s wines, my favorite from the [...]

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Robert Mondavi Winery (Harden)

Reaching for the Stars ... If you grew up in Lodi, CA and your father was a wine distributor, chances are you might take a look at the wine biz as a possible career.  But conversely if your height is 6’7” it stands to reason you might get some basketball offers as well. After winters [...]

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