SD’s Food and Wine Classic keeps evolving …

I’ve been attending the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival (SDBWFF) for over ten years now and loved every event I’ve attended. And through all the wine tastings, luncheons, dinners, parties and most of all that great Grand Tasting down on the San Diego waterfront I’ve bumped into Festival Owner/Producer, Michelle Metter numerous times. She’s always been super gracious and we’ve had a bunch of laughs, but knowing how in demand her time was, we never talked for more than a few minutes before she had to take care of something else. So I thought it’d be fun to get Michelle to do the NSI quiz because even though the SDBWFF festival won the 2019 USA Today Reader’s Choice travel award for the best General Food Festival, the SDBWFF never stops evolving and always brings top food and wine talent to its events which keeps me coming back for more. Enjoy.

Michelle Metter

What was last night’s dinner? Cheez Its and fresh figs from my orchard.

Favorite drink? Coffee all day, at any time. Cocktail – Boulevardier or Manhattan. Wine – Too many to count.

Favorite dining spot in San Diego? My own kitchen but when dining out I love visiting chefs who are part of the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival. Aron Schwartz at Marina Kitchen, Jason McLeod at Born & Raised and Ironside, Bernard Guillas at Marine Room, Amy DiBiase at Vistal and so many others. It feels like home walking into these restaurant and like you are sitting down at a table with your friends.

Favorite music? I have a three-year old and a seven-year old so my listening pleasure is limited to toddler radio. When I get to make my own decisions I’m a sucker for 80’s punk music and old school rap.

Favorite thing about living and working in San Diego? I love so much about our city – its diversity, walkable neighborhoods, food-scene, beaches, climate but I think what makes this feel like home to me is my connection to my community. I feel like what we do here matters, has importance and that, even in our own small way, we have become a part of the city’s culinary story.

Any brush with celebrity? Plenty but any of my good stories are not appropriate to share here.

What makes a great food and wine event? Passion. From the people behind the scenes to the chefs, winemakers, distillers, sommeliers, artisans, volunteers, who make it happen. If there were not passionate people who really loved what they do, the Festival could not exist. We are 16 years in now with the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival and are as passionate today as we were when we started. It’s a labor of love.

Any wine, meal or place to visit on your bucket list? What’s my word count here? So many. Noma, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice And Noodle, Turkey & The Wolf, Cosme, and the list goes on and on and on.