Menu Changes Nightly…

To ad hoc in Yountville we go where we sit down with Chef de Cuisine, Matt Alba, over a plate of their well-known, excellent fried chicken.

Last night’s dinner? Spaghetti. ad hoc is unique in that we change the menu every night and that was our comfort food pick last night.

Favorite drink? A Coca-Cola. Seeing my raised eyebrow, Matt says with a light laugh, I’m not much of a drinker. Ah no problem, you’re my first teetotaler. We exchanged a look and laughed our heads off.

Favorite restaurant besides ad hoc? Marnee Thai in San Francisco. I grew up in Las Vegas and it’s the closest to the Lotus of Siam in Vegas.

Is the Lotus as good as they say it is? It really is. I know some restaurants can get an over blown reputation, but Lotus of Siam is probably the best Thai restaurant in the U.S.

Favorite thing about living in Napa? The food and the weather. I know it can get hot here in the summer, but it’s nothing compared to Vegas.

Favorite music? I like alternative hard rock and Tool is my favorite band.

Somehow I don’t see Chef Keller rocking out with you in the kitchen.

Another light laugh, Chef Keller doesn’t allow music in the kitchen.

Any brush with celebrity? Actually no. I’m sure there has been in the Keller restaurants I’ve worked in, but I’m in the kitchen cooking.

Final thoughts? Just that I’m so grateful and happy to have worked with the Keller group for the last 12 years. I mean I met my wife at Bouchon. We got three kids. Between softball, golf and my family, couldn’t be happier.