Lauren Likes Her Music…

To Oenotori we go where we speak with co-owner and general manager Lauren Rodde, wife of chef Tyler Rodde.

Last night’s dinner?

A slight pause.. Then a laugh.. A grilled chicken sandwich and I did it at home in an Asian style not Italian..

Favorite drink?

A Hemingway Daiquiri… so refreshing if made properly..

Favorite  restaurant?

Another pause, Oh so hard to choose.. But I guess I love RaeSet for their vegetarian stir fry.. Oh so good… great beer and atmosphere too..

Any celebrity brush?

A charming laugh.. Oh let’s see.. Lewis Black came in and was a great guy…

Best part of living in Napa??

You know what I love.. We get a lot of great musical acts, artists and the like that a big city gets, but we still got a nice small town feel where everyone knows and supports each other..

Favorite music?

I really don’t have one.. I know it’s a cliche but I love it all.. Can go from classic rock to punk to electronic.. But most of all, I love live music.. A good  live band and I’m there.. .

Final thoughts?

Nothing really.. Really enjoyed it.. You’re a fun guy to talk to…