Was a blast …


The Insider had a blast at last weekend’s Yountville Live event. While the main tent had a lot of fine wine and food, the highlight for me was Jessup Cellars tasting patio where their chard paired beautifully with some terrific PEI mussels. Murray’s craft ale was great with Forge Restaurant’s pork rib and truffle fries. In the barrel tasting room were some outstanding wines with Hewitt and Beringer cabs hitting those long finish notes that I love.


Sunday’s Bubbles & Brunch had an expertly prepared buffet by Smoke restaurant chef’s Morgan Robinson. Morgan did a good job of keeping the fried chicken crispy yet juicy, the strawberries gave the waffles a nice acidity and the asparagus were a much liked green with all of those carbs. Look forward to Yountville Live in 2018.
What were your faves?