Meat, Meat and More Meat …

It wasn’t a good time to be a vegetarian in Napa this past weekend. Blues, Brews and BBQ hosted live blues music from some of the Bay Area’s best blues musicians, including Tommy Castro and the Painkillers, over 30 hard to find micro-brewed beers in a large beer garden, BBQ food from BBQ masters; plus the annual rib eating contest.

The Insider really dug the Marshall Law Band. Man, their harp player could really blow. But Marshall on guitar was no slouch as well as he could lay back, then come forward and play some tasty licks when it was his turn to shine, like all good musicians do, whether classical, rock, jazz, blues or whatever.

Next day it was off to the Charles Krug Winery where they were hosting Cochon 555. Created in 2008, Heritage Fire Napa  showcase over 50 notable chefs and butchers, each grilling heritage-breed animals against a vineyard backdrop. The event features responsibly raised food and traditional outdoor cooking inspired by global food cultures. It is all paired with free-flowing wines from boutique producers, craft beers, and small-batch artisan ciders. The list of heritage and heirloom foods includes dry-aged beef, whole pigs, lamb, goat, squab, rabbit, duck, fish, chicken, artisan cheeses, oysters, and heirloom vegetables.

The Insider loves his meat. I totally enjoyed the pork, chicken, duck, etc. But the highlight was the rare, crispy beef that I had to keep going back for and matching with some nice cabs. Cochon 555 initiated by Brady Lowe, is a great meat event. If you’re a veggie – forget it. They had a small booth in the corner for them, but the fine, smoking meat aromas would just overwhelm you. But if you’re a carnivore like the Insider, you’re in heaven!!!