Fine wine, BBQ and Country Rock…

To the Priest Ranch Wines tasting room we go to on Yountville’s main drag on Washington St.  They collaborated with Tips-Tri-Tip trolley. If you like barbeque you can’t go wrong with the Tri-Trip Sando sandwich of a ½ lb of tri-tip, coleslaw, with chipotle sauce on a toasted roll. 

And for entertainment, Miracle Mule kept a country rock groove happening for the two hour tasting. In amongst all the eating and sipping the Insider snagged a few minutes with Assistant Winemaker Cody Hurd where he got him to sit down for a few minutes in the Priest’s outdoor tasting area for the Insider quiz. 

Last night’s  dinnerTacos and salad with my gal and her dad. Lot of fun. 

Favorite music? Reggae… and if you have to ask… fav artist… you’re an idiot. Gotta be Bob Marley… 

Favorite drink?  I can honestly say I enjoy Priest Ranch Wines but at the end of the day in the fields I don’t mind a well-brewed IPA as well. 

Favorite thing about living in Napa? I love having not to drive more than three miles to get a great meal or drink. 

Any brush with celebrity? One, but I can’t tell you, he says with a great chuckle.  

What makes a great winery?  A whole bunch of factors, but I’d say the most important, dedication and consistency. 

Final thoughts? Don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but it looks like the vintage we’re about to harvest could be a premier vintage.  Keep it in mind in a few years.

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