KJ Wines Heading North… 

In 2017, Randy Ullom reached a milestone – 25 years working for the Jackson Family – in the same year Kendall-Jackson celebrated 25 years producing America’s number-one selling Chardonnay. With that kind of experience Ullom was a natural pick to represent Kendall Jackson at the upcoming Vancouver Wine Festival, one of the best wine fests in North America. The Insider caught up to Ullom recently and he was bubbling over with enthusiasm for his upcoming trip. “I love Vancouver and its wine fest. Really great city and I love reconnecting with everyone when I visit.” No doubt Ullom will be showcasing wines that make Sonoma great, so he was a natural to do the Insider quiz.  Don’t miss the Wine Club Release Party – Mardi Gras Style and Farm-to-Table Dinner Series.  


What was last night’s dinner? Cannelloni  

Favorite drink?  Gin & Tonic w/a lime

 Favorite dining spot in Napa?  Willy’s Seafood in Healdsburg – great food tapas style

Favorite music?  Grateful Dead!

Favorite thing about living and working in Napa?  River, Redwoods, Vineyards, the Coast, Fog & Great people

Any brush with celebrity?  Nope

What makes a great winery?  One with its own vineyards with a great team

Any wine,  meal or place to visit on your bucket list? BORAGó Restaurant in Santiago, Chili

Final thoughts?  Love Vancouver, Canada – hope it becomes my second home