Cool Guy in The Vines…

There is a LOT of food and wine festivals in the world, especially in the USA during the summer. But to crack the top ten on Google, you got to be doing something right and the upcoming Taste of Sonoma Wine Festival is in there.. (Sat. Sept 1st Green Music Centre, Sonoma State University, 1801 E Cotati Ave. Rohnert Park, CA ) LET’S GO!!!

Since one of the top wineries, Rodney Strong is going to be pouring there and hosting their Single Vineyard Release dinner on September 22, Sat, the Insider thought it’d be cool to check in with one of their top winemakers , Greg Morthole who has been with RS for a remarkable 13 years and get him to do the NSI quiz. Enjoy.

What was last night’s dinner?  Thai food!  Pad thai, bbq pork, fried vegetables and chicken curry

 Favorite drink? Elderberry soda, which i discovered in England this summer and probably good that I haven’t found it since

 Favorite dining spot in Sonoma and why? Low end dining – Lepe’s taqueria or Superburger, high end dining – The Farm house, because of the service, history, setting and quality

Favorite music? Classic rock/Grunge – Gn’R, Alice in Chains, but also Simon and Garfunkel

 Favorite thing about living and working in Sonoma? Night time temps drop, so it’s pleasant outside at 6pm

 Any brush with celebrity?  I met Junior Johnson (Nascar pioneer) at a wine dinner in Charlotte NC once

 What makes a great winery?  Farming well, commitment to pursuing quality and questioning dogma/looking to satisfy curiosities by trying

 Any wine, meal or place to visit on your bucket list? Vega Sicilia, Italy

 Final thoughts? Just recounting what my Grammy told me a few years ago before she died… “Enjoy life”