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KJ Wines Heading North...  In 2017, Randy Ullom reached a milestone – 25 years working for the Jackson Family – in the same year Kendall-Jackson celebrated 25 years producing America’s number-one selling Chardonnay. With that kind of experience Ullom was a natural pick to represent Kendall Jackson at the upcoming Vancouver Wine Festival, one of the best wine fests [...]

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Bardessono Welcomes Yountville Live ... Since 2018 is whipping by, the Insider thought it’d be a timely reminder to let readers know that tickets for Yountville Live Luxury event are on sale now for the March 15th- 18th weekend. Since Yountville’s Bardessono hotel is right across from the park where most of the Live event takes place, the Insider checked in with [...]

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Ram’s Gate Winery

Potpourri of Tastings... Any winery starts with a vision. No doubt, no one starts out to make undrinkable plonk with a tasting room that resembles uncle Joe’s rec room. Unfortunately it happens. Thankfully, not too often in Napa and Sonoma. Especially so at Sonoma’s Ram’s Gate Winery. Only in biz since the fall of 2011, [...]

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Healdsburg Survives Too

Tasting Tour .... While Santa Rosa took it in the teeth in the recent fires, it’s important to remember that a lot of Sonoma counties were relatively untouched, including much of Santa Rosa. Let wine lovers know it’s perfectly safe and welcomed abundantly to come back and taste some Sonoma wineries. In that vein, the [...]

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Redwood National Park

Enchantment ... The Insider has always been a little ambivalent about traveling to see the world’s natural wonders and nature itself. It’s not that I’m immune or can’t appreciate the glories of a sunset, sunrise, forest, mountain, beach etc.    Any time I’ve ventured north to Vancouver in the early spring for Vancouver’s excellent wine fest, I’ve always [...]

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Charlie Palmer Steak Napa

 Charlie Palmer shows a new steak way ...  Charlie Palmer is cool. Any chef who has got wine fairies going up to snag a precious bottle of wine at Auerole in Vegas which I’ve experienced, has gotta be cool. Plus, his Pinot and Pig party in Healdsburg is always a blast. So when the Insider got an invite to attend the new [...]

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Napa Survives

Napa Welcomes You... The Insider is all about promoting Napa and Sonoma. In the wake of the wildfires, it’s imperative to let people know, even though the fires were devastating, most of Napa and Sonoma counties weren’t affected by the fires thanks to the awesome First Responders's actions. So the Insider set out to do a day tour of each area to [...]

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Best of both worlds...  It never fails. Everyone is enthused about going to a Japanese place and sharing some plates, but inevitably someone squawks, “I can’t eat raw fish.”  “You got it,” Napa’s Eiko’s GM Allison Hallum, laughs. “ It was the vision of my father and his biz partner Makurma to create a restaurant that combined Roy’s grilled food [...]

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