Loyalty pays off at Bouchon…

Loyalty is a word often bandied about in service, wine and restaurant circles. But due to the transitionary and volatile nature of all three professions, the word loyalty is often a smirked upon joke, cutting both ways.  But if there’s an exception to the rule, it’s the Thomas Keller Group.  It’s amazing how many chefs and wine people Keller has mentored who still speak highly of him and vice versa.  But in doing the NSI quiz recently with Jared Love, GM of Bouchon, the loyalty to the TKG came through in spades in his answers below.     

What was last night’s dinner?   A few slices of left over pizza.  I was feeling full from the nice food at Bouchon.   

Favorite drink?  A Negroni.  

Favorite dining spot in Napa? Ad Hoc. Maybe I should eat somewhere else but Chef Matt does a great fried chicken.  

Favorite music? I got eclectic taste and like how The Roots can cover everything.  

Favorite thing about living and working in Napa?  The wine. I mean this is on most knowledgeable wine people’s bucket list to visit. It’s pretty cool to serve them.   

Any brush with celebrity? Not lately. 

What makes a great restaurantThe people.  One thing I’ve learned from Chef Keller is treat the people right and it comes back in spades.  

Any meal or trip on your bucket list? Nothing right now. I’m really happy here.  

Final thoughts? Just how grateful I am for being part of the Keller Group. So supportive and give you room to grow.