A Club With A Twist…

To the Kitchen Collective Urban Cooking Club where we sit down in the Club’s stylish meeting room and chat with Adam Hart who is the Club’s member liaison.

Last night’s dinner? Chile verde tacos and Korean short ribs. We got two full time chefs on staff and boy, do we eat good here.

Favorite drink? I like a well-mixed cocktail, plus we got some craft beers on tap here that are terrific.

Favorite music? I like dance music and a DJ named Richie Hawtin is great for getting your groove on.

What he loves most about living in Napa? I love the location and weather. We got the Bay area to the west and Lake Tahoe to the east. Love getting away to either place.

Favorite Napa place to eat besides Kitchen Collective? I like Angele on Main St. Good quality French food.

Any brush with celebrity? One of our members brought in Skylar Grey, an up and coming pop singer.

Final thoughts? Just let people know what a unique and interactive place Kitchen Collective is. There’s not another restaurant like it in Napa or the U.S. for that matter. You can stand right at the chef’s elbow and watch him cook. You can design your own menu if you got an event that you want to host. Our courtyard and rooms are designed for maximum relaxation and interaction. We’ve already got 85 members and will stop accepting members at 200, so sign up now.