A Concierge Who Knows ….

To Santa Rosa’s Hyatt we go where Ryan Alton has been the concierge for the last five years. And he says with much amusement in his voice when asked, “He sends people to Napa and Sonoma equally.”

Last night’s dinner? Our staff meal. Real comfort food. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and string beans. Simple. Basic. But delicious.

Favorite drink? Got to be a nice pinot noir.

Favorite music? I like down tempo electronica that keeps you moving.

What do you love most about living in Sonoma? The topography. It’s just so incredible to live here. I love the peaks and valleys. We’re 35 minutes to the coast and then 60 to San Francisco. We got it all.

Favorite restaurant in Santa Rosa? The County Bench on 4th St. They have done a great launch. Nice atmosphere, terrific cuisine and mixologist. Still new, but doing it right from the start.

Any brush with celebrity? Not recently… but one time we were sold out and I had held one room back for an emergency and Chuck Norris’ wife just threw her credit card at me and went upstairs with their two kids. And Chuck did a round house kick for me.

Final thoughts? Be excellent to each other.