Forge If You Are Hungry

You’re coming into Napa on Hwy 29 and you’re starving.  You get to the Imola & Soscol intersection and the mall eateries look good. But go a block behind and check out Forge, a place known for fine wood oven cooked pizzas. There’s a bunch more items on their menu, plus some nice craft beers. The Insider sat down with GM Allan Mochart who has been in the Napa restaurant biz for 18 years before taking the helm of Forge eight months ago when it opened.

Last night’s dinner?  I didn’t eat here last night… my wife made some excellent ribs.

Favorite drink?  Red wine. It runs the gamut, no particular grape or winery. I love any good red from Syrah to Merlot to Cabernet.

Favorite music?  Seventies and eighties rock. ( No surprise.. a lot of excellent and R&B pumping out at Forge’s sound system).

Favorite dining spot besides Forge?  Bottega, to me the best Italian restaurant in Napa. I have the Brodetto, a fantastic seafood platter.

What you love most about living in Napa?  Apart from the great food and wine, I love the people, great sense of community here.

Final thoughts?  Just how much I love working here and looking forward to a busy summer.