Different Napa Wines ….

Off we go to the lecture hall at the new CIA Copia Centre where wine instructor Jeff Prather gave a fun, entertaining and informative lecture on six wines that are not normally associated with Napa wines.

Wine no 1: 2015 Trefethen Dry Riesling: – “Riesling is known as the noble grape. It takes a back seat to food and this wine is perfect for that… would pair beautifully with shrimp or scallops.”

Why would someone want to grow a Riesling in Napa?

“Why not? It’s a very good, dry Riesling. And the price point is excellent at $18-$20.”

Wine no 2: Kenefick Ranch Pickett Road White Blend: – A whole bunch of tasting notes I could not describe which made Jeff laugh and say, he’d buy us a bottle of wine if we could identify all three grapes in the blend. He was safe with that one as 75% of the wine was made from Grenache blanc and Jeff said, “if a wine snob asks you about it, just say it’s got good complexity.”

Wine no 3:  2015 Saddleback Cellars Pinot Blanc 2015: Had a very nice subtle oak, which Jeff said is just like a spice in cooking, use it sparingly.

Wine no 4: 2015 Massican “Annia” White Blend: A blend of the Italian grape Locai Fruilano and Chardonnay, by what Jeff calls a young Turk winemaker, Dan Petroski. This is a white that’s got great floral notes. And as a side note, Jeff said “everyone wants to come to Napa in harvest season, it is better in May when you can smell the flower notes…”

Wine no 5: 2013 Olivia Brion Pinot Noir: Jeff gives an appreciative laugh when I said I had hopes it might be a Haute Brion. But he says it comes from Wild Horse Valley and for a new Pinot it had nice tasting notes that would go well with grilled salmon or pork.

Wine no 6: 2012 Gibbs “Crossed Paths” Dusty Red Blend : Jeff described it this way, it’s a nice, elegant wine that’s got 26% Syrah, complex blends, but it’s a steal at $26-$27.