Native Son Returns ….

To the Andaz Napa pet friendly hotel we go where we sit down with GM Jeffrey Miller who has been on the job for a month. Being a Fairfield native, Miller is more than happy to being home after hotel stints in Philadelphia, over 10 years in New York and a few in San Diego.

Last night’s dinner? A slight pause and laugh. Homemade lasagna that I made for myself at home.

Favorite drink? I probably shouldn’t say this, since it’s not grown much in Napa, but I like a Pinot Blanc.

Favorite night spot out? Oentori is right across the street and I love it for Italian and Cole’s Chop House does a fine steak too.

Favorite music? Classic rock but I love live music which I wish I could see more of.

What he loves most about living in Napa? I love how the people who live here have all got such a passion for what they do. Food, wineries, design, doesn’t matter, they’re doing it because they love it.

Any brush with celebrity? Not here yet but I’m sure I will. But one cool thing, I’ve met all of the last four presidents.

Did he have a favorite? And true to his hotel training of being discreet, Miller says, “Not that I would say.”

Final thoughts? Just looking forward to the tourist season and pleasing everyone who stays at Andaz Napa.