Leslie Was Delightful…

To the T-Vine Winery we go where Leslie Sbrocco, host of PBS’ Check Please, is hosting a tasting of Calistoga Wineries finest. A Petaluma resident, don’t know if this should go under Napa or Sonoma, ha ha, doesn’t matter… But it was fun to get the ebullient TV host to do the Insider quiz, which she told the Insider she enjoyed as well.

What was last night’s dinner? I was so lucky last night. Had a great dinner at Salito’s Crab Shack in Sausalito. I had Basa fish, with soya and honey sauce. Delicious. Wine? A Cloudy Bay sauv blanc from New Zealand and a pinot from Patz & Hall.

Favorite drink? Champagne. But I love a good sparkler too. And if you can make a good rosé sparker I’m really in heaven, Sbrocco said, showing a tat on her  calf of a glass of rosé.

Favorite dining spot in Napa? Too many to mention, but I really love dining out in Napa and Sonoma.

Favorite music? Classic jazz. Ella Fitzgerald and Cole Porter, I start to melt.

Favorite thing about living and working in Sonoma? Living twenty minutes from the ocean. Love that it never gets too hot or too cold.

Any brush with celebrity? I was honored to be asked to speak at the Aspen Food and Wine fest a couple of years ago and there were more celeb chefs and authors you can shake a stick at.

Final thoughts? I love how rosé has become so much more accepted now. I’ve been drinking it for 20 years and being laughed at for most of them.

But you got to agree the quality has definitely improved? Oh definitely. No doubt that’s the reason why it’s being accepted so much easier now.