Bartender, not a hockey player… 

I’ve always loved talking to bartenders. If they’re not too busy, late afternoon, after the lunch crowd and before the after work rush hits, is a good time. They’re usually smart, funny and know where to go. So it was when the Insider strolled into the Calistoga Inn Restaurant and Brewery. The man behind the taps, Green Lafleur, easily the most unique name in Napa, if not every bar in the U.S. (ha ha) knew his stuff.  Any man that has got Blind Willie McTell on the stereo has got to be cool. But he hadn’t heard Bob Dylan’s Blind Willie McTell, “Ah, it’s a boot, not fair.” 

Lafleur was more than happy to do the Insider quiz.  

Last night’s dinner? I had the Wisconsin Burger on Sourdough at Gott’s in St. Helena, matched with their Ballast Pint Sculpin IPA. Delicious. 

Favorite drink? A corpse reviver  # 2. I got the recipe out of a 1930s cocktail book by Harry Craddock and it’s fantastic. (Google it, the Insider isn’t big on cocktails, often too sweet, but that one looks like a real refresher). 

Favorite music? 1960’s New York jazz. 

Favorite dining spot in Napa besides yours? Solbar at the Solage Calistoga. Such an inspiring menu, combined with great service and the bread is amazing. 

Favorite thing about living in Napa? The pace. It can be as slow or as fast as you want it. Plus, the weather is nice too. 

What makes a great restaurant or bar? A genuine consistency for good quality, without the ego. 

Final thoughts? Let readers know, it’s worth getting off the beaten path in Napa.  Ironic since we’re on the main drag here in Calistoga. But try and show some love to some of the small producers in the valley. They appreciate it and it’s worth it.