Up, Up and Away…

If you live in Napa Valley you’re inevitably going to see some hot air balloons passing over you in the sky. 
The experience looked so inviting the Insider couldn’t resist contacting Napa Valley Aloft and since the Insider had done a bungy jump, white water rafted, scuba dived, etc…he was totally cool when the Napa Valley Aloft’s balloon smoothly lifted off from its Yountville parking lot and rose to a cruising 1,600 feet level. 
It was an elevated experience, safe and relaxing, cruising over Yountville to enjoy the views.
Jeff, our funny, affable pilot answered any question, knew about Richard Branson’s around the world balloon trip. “Mega-bucks, but you catch the right jet stream, it’s not that hard to do, “ he said, barely keeping the envy and desire out of his voice in wanting to do it himself.
Jeff expertly cruised us all over Yountville for an hour, before gently settling us down in a bare patch next to some prime grapes.  “We never land on grape trellises. They’re worth like $1,500 a branch, so no, we aim for open field patches every time.”
While some unforgettable tasting experiences in Napa and Sonoma exist, a balloon trip over their valleys are definitely an equally unforgettable experience as well.